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    Working together to end sexual abuse and trafficking

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    Chab Dai (“joining hands” in Khmer) was founded in 2005 in Cambodia as a coalition to build collaboration among organisations working against human trafficking and sexual abuse.

    Chab Dai Canada was founded in 2009 and works toward coalition building, awareness raising and advocacy amongst Canada-based anti-trafficking organisations. Chab Dai Canada focuses on issues of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation in Canada, Cambodia, and across the globe.

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    Chab Dai Canada is autonomous of other Chab Dai international offices and is awaiting charitable status from the Canada Revenue Agency. Chab Dai Canada is overseen by a Board of Directors.
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    Core Values

    • Knowledge for Sharing
      We are committed to addressing issues of abuse, exploitation and trafficking by working together and providing opportunities for learning.
    • Advocacy for Justice
      We believe partnership in coalition creates more collaboration for advocacy, and enables organizations to support one another more effectively.
    • Support for Strength
      Working together enables us to keep our individual identities while also acknowledging the broader issues we face as a whole.
    • Hope for the Future
      We exist so that families and communities at risk, and those who have been sexually abused, exploited or trafficked, can receive appropriate care and recover their dignity.
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    Chab Dai…

    • Distributes resources to assist programs working in prevention, legal intervention, restoration, and reintegration.
    • Works with communities, organisations, and government to help identify innovative strategies to address program gaps and issues of abuse, exploitation, and trafficking.
    • Provides and develops training programs to build capacity of staff working directly with those at risk, and victims in aftercare programs.
    • Assists organisations to develop a culture of child protection and to raise the standard of care within their programs and ministries.
    • Advocates on behalf of those who have no voice, and works to build bridges between faith-based and non-faith-based organisations and ministries.
    • Engages citizen groups to become advocates in their communities, to act and speak out against exploitation in their country and around the world.
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    Board of Directors

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      Sally Richmond

      Sally Richmond


      Sally has been involved with Chab Dai Canada since its beginnings. Sally has eight years’ management experience in the not-for-profit sector and has worked in Canada and in the UK for organizations tackling issues such as fair trade, forced migration and human trafficking.  Currently Sally is the Director of Logifem, a Montreal-based shelter for women in difficulty. She is also working towards an MBA at the John Molson School of business.


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      Janice Melanson

      Janice Melanson

      Vice President

      For the past 10 years Janice has worked in the charitable sector as youth leader, manager, and executive administrator and is pleased to join Chab Dai’s board. She is confidant that by working together, we can achieve the necessary results needed to see an end to human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

      “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
      —Margaret Mead

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      Julia Smith-Brake

      Julia Smith-Brake

      Board Member

      Julia co-founded Chab Dai Canada in 2009 after working with Chab Dai in Cambodia for 6 months. She has a M.Sc. in International Community Economic Development has worked with World Vision, Save the Children, and a number of grassroots organisations. Julia is passionate about finding community-based economic solutions for preventing trafficking and reintegrating survivors.

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      Helen Sworn

      Helen Sworn

      International Director

      Originally from the UK, Helen has worked in the field of counter trafficking since 1999, and founded Chab Dai in 2005. Currently, she is seeking a graduate degree in Leadership, Innovation and Change from York University, UK. She lives in Phnom Penh with her husband and two children.

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      Liliane Kohl

      Liliane Kohl


      Liliane is the co-chair of the Temple Committee against Human Trafficking and was instrumental in establishing the Montreal Interfaith Coalition against Human Trafficking. She is an active volunteer and chaired the Temple Emanu-El-Beth Sholom Social Action Committee for 20 years.